In the upcoming lessons, we'll break out the content and 
pair it with the cliff note video(s) for that section.

We've also included two "discussion videos." These videos are an invitation to recap the material and let it sink in through conversation. 
This material is neither a theological, doctrinal or systematic approach to the study of scripture, but instead a simple expression in testimonial form on how one can experience God in a deeper, more fulfilling way by engaging the Word with a fresh perspective. 

Think of it as a conversation with a friend as they share and reflect on what they’ve learned—what has worked for them, and what they firmly believe will for work for you. We invite you to truly consider the ideas presented and how they might tangibly enhance your life experience as a child of God.

Below is an audio version of the book for your convenience.

Learning to Feel the Word

A Fresh Approach to Bible Study

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