Cultivating a Fresh Perspective

The first step is to reconsider the Scripture from a different point of view and with a fresh perspective. No longer as something we need to apply to our lives so we can live a better one, but as something that reveals its meaning so we can actually live-out the one we were meant for—the deepest desire of the heart.

Developing this new perspective will help us learn how to actually experience the Word, and see it as a creative journey that we get to take, rather than a set of worthwhile instructions that we simply need to practice.

Perspective, however, is a tricky thing—like a room where the heart’s desire is inadvertently held captive by logic, common sense and good intentions. Or one so familiar that our deepest convictions learn to relax and eventually fall asleep in the comfort of our current understanding. 

In order to step into a new point of view, we need to remove these underlying conditions and reassess our actual beliefs. 

If you’ve been struggling with the yeah-buts, take a moment to walk through this simple awareness exercise. Consider your answers to the following questions from a place of conviction. Not what you think in your mind, but what you believe in your heart.

Awareness Exercise Questions A–G

a) Do you sincerely believe that God exists? 

b) Is it safe to say that He is vastly more intelligent, powerful and creative than we are? 

c) Do you believe He would struggle in any way to precisely express His intention? 

d) Is it possible that a God who is infinitely powerful, supremely intelligent, and perfectly able to say what He means could be sidetracked by the failures of mankind? 

e) Would this same God lack the ability to create a book about Himself and the meaning of your life, precisely as He desired? 

f) Would it matter to you if there was such a book? 

g) In what way?

This of course is an elementary exercise, but it helps to illustrate and allow us to feel the difference between dutiful habit and hungry conviction. If we claim to believe these things in earnest—not just believe in God, but in what He is actually saying about Himself, and us—our fork in the road is clear.

We can choose to meander through life simply counting our blessings and casually hoping for meaning, or live by hungry conviction for His individual purpose, and be counted by Him as a blessing to the world. Nothing we accomplish outside of this will satisfy the deepest desire of the heart.

Learning to Feel the Word

A Fresh Approach to Bible Study

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