Faith Mentoring / Performance Coaching - 10 Session Package by YouPrint Team

Faith Mentoring / Performance Coaching - 10 Session Package

YouPrint Mentoring Model


In addition to our member community, we also offer the very best one-to-one mentoring to help you recognize and break free from the strongholds that are keeping you from living the life of impact you were created for.

Faith Mentoring / Performance Coaching Includes
  • Customized personal development built on proven YouPrint Model
  • Live, one-hour coaching calls (face-to-face locally)
  • Personal identity, problem solving, navigating relationships
  • Corporate identity, purpose, legacy, vocational and creative objectives
  • Flexible hourly commitment based on targeted priorities
  • Customized profile with results-oriented feedback

What's included?

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One-to-One Faith Mentoring / Performance Coaching

The Portable Faith Community

Wake Up My Faith is a content-rich, portable community that helps you effectively live out your faith on a daily basis. We help remove the obstacles and make it incredibly simple to wake up your faith each day in a high quality way.