Learning to Feel the Word by YouPrint Team

Learning to Feel the Word

A Fresh Approach to Bible Study


Instead of reading the Bible from a place of discipline and habit, what if you could learn to develop a desire and hunger for its wisdom? 

Instead of a playbook for living well, what if the Bible became the earthly contact point for an all-in relationship with God?

This fully comprehensive course from Zondervan author, Kevin Adams, will:

  •  Deepen your faith by providing a fresh approach to Bible study
  •  Challenge your habits by helping you understand how they are created
  •  Learn the difference between your will and your desires
  •  Encourage you to develop and think with a childlike heart
  •  Help you cultivate your unique, God-given "YouPrint"
  •  Teach you how to leave God's fingerprints on the world through your own
  •  Break down these ideas with more than 2 hours of extra video content

What's included?

Video Icon 14 videos Text Icon 1 text file


Volume 1: Learning to Feel the Word
Learning to Feel the Word
2 mins
Learning to Feel the Word (audio)
60 mins
Lesson #2: Reconsidering The Scriptures
Reconsidering the Scriptures—Why It’s a Must
8 mins
"Yeah, But" - Video Discussion
5 mins
Lesson #3: Why Are We Here After We’re Saved?
Why Are We Here After We're Saved?
6 mins
Lesson #4: Through The Eyes Of A Child
Through the Eyes of a Child
7 mins
Lesson #5: Unearthing Habits
Unearthing Habits
11 mins
Lesson #6: Importance Of Thinking With The Heart
The Importance of Thinking with the Heart
11 mins
Lesson #7: Capturing Experience By Snapshot
Capturing Experience by Snapshot
11 mins
Lesson #8: Discussion Video 1
Learning To Feel The Word - Discussion Video 1
24 mins
Lesson #9: Identity Follows The Heart
Identity Follows the Heart
11 mins
Lesson #10: Getting Honest About The Gap
Getting Honest About the Gap
9 mins
Lesson #11: Caution Becomes A Disease
Caution Becomes a Disease
10 mins
Lesson #12: Discussion Video 2
Learning To Feel The Word - Discussion Video 2
25 mins
Lesson #13: Conclusion And Key Memory Points
Conclusion and Key Memory Points

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