Learning to Feel the Word Audio Book by YouPrint Team

Learning to Feel the Word Audio Book

A Fresh Approach to Bible Study


Your life was created on purpose.

Isn't that something worth considering?

If you've had access to a Bible for years and still lack clarity on the unique purpose, and heavenly blueprint for your life, it's a safe bet that a fresh perspective is needed.

At YouPrint, our mission is to help you fully uncover your mission, and actually begin to live it out. If you've struggled with this or haven't felt completely satisfied with your journey, we can help.

This short book is neither a theological, doctrinal or systematic approach to the study of scripture, but instead a simple expression in testimonial form on how one can experience God in a deeper, more fulfilling way by engaging the Word with a fresh perspective. Think of it as a conversation with a friend as they share and reflect on what they've learned - what has worked for them, and what they firmly believe will work for you. We invite you to truly consider the ideas presented and how they might tangibly enhance your life experience as a child of God.

What's included?

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60 mins

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