Wake Up My Faith Weekly Video Series by YouPrint Team

Wake Up My Faith Weekly Video Series


Each week, we address new and challenging topics in our weekly video series aimed at helping you gain perspective and activate your faith.

What's included?

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Becoming the Good News - An Excerpt from The Portable Faith Community
1 min
Welcome to the Wake Up My Faith Weekly Video Series
True Worship Begins With Hunger for God
3 mins
Faith Reveals the Fingerprints of God
3 mins
Put a "But" on Man's Word
3 mins
Faith and Business Series at Live Oak Bank with CEO, Chip Mahan
21 mins
Pointing Out The Sin of Others
3 mins
The Potential of God's Strength
3 mins
Becoming the Good News
3 mins
What Would You Give Up?
4 mins
Listen With The Heart
5 mins
Faith and Courageous Patience
5 mins
The Great Mudslinger
4 mins
Leaving People With a Better Opinion of Jesus
4 mins
Developing Your Spiritual Listening Skills
3 mins
Applying Moderation to Faith
3 mins
Focus on What God IS Doing Instead of What He Isn't Doing
3 mins
The Power of Words
4 mins
The REAL Difference Between Humility and Self-Promotion
6 mins
The Danger in Idolizing Our Children
8 mins
YouPrint Faith in Business with Macy Cole of Axis Yoga + Studio
25 mins
YouPrint Faith in Business with Dr. Greg Viehman
57 mins

The Portable Faith Community

Wake Up My Faith is a content-rich, portable community that helps you effectively live out your faith on a daily basis. By removing the common obstacles of too little time and missed opportunity, the You Print team now makes it incredibly simple to wake up your faith each day in a high quality way.

We offer 3 membership options to help you get plugged in right where you are as well as high-quality courses and one-to-one mentoring.